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Post by chhy629 on Mon Jan 04, 2010 10:34 pm

1. No swearing. This forum has children so its inappropriate for them. You get a warning everytime you swear. Swear 3 times and your banned.

2. No talk about sexual things and no posting porn. Immediate ban 1 month.

3. Don`t advertise other websites unless i give permission. You will be warned. If you advertise again after your warning you'll get a ban for a week.

4. Don`t spam the website in any other places besides spam heavan. You will get 3 warnings then a ban for 2 weeks.

Posting illegal content is forbidden.

Illegal content includes any links to other websites that may violate the rules. If you have any doubts about whether or not the content you wish to post is appropriate or not, don't post it. This includes, but is not limited to the following:
> Adult-oriented content.
> Content that breaks any laws.
> Copyright infringement.
> Gambling & drugs.
> Hacking materials & information.
> Terrorism [promotion/carrying it through].
> Viruses, worms, and other such harmful things.
Any infraction of this rule may result in a warning or ban.

6. Harassing and/or abusing others is forbidden.

>Sexual abuse and/or harassment - Unwelcome advances of a graphic and sexual natures - private messages: If someone wiches you to stop private messaging them and includes a reason, stop.
>Attempting to defraud - Creating false information with the intent of harming another and/or receiving benefits as a result.
>Impersonating a moderator - Falsely representing yourself as another member or as a staff member is prohibited. This includes using anything restricted to moderators, implying that you can edit someone's posts, ban someone, etc.
>Personal abuse - Includes, but is not limited to sending an excessive amount of private messages and/or e-mails to a member or staff member, making any form of threats, or using abusive language against a member and/or staff member.

7. Flaming [Inflammatory Speech] is forbidden.

Any speech or inference, direct or indirect, that constitutes a personal attack against another individual or group is prohibited. Insulting other members for their ideas/opinions is never allowed, no matter how ridiculous they may be. Snide remarks will not be tolerated. Flaming, depending specifically on the message(s) posted, may result in either a warning or ban.

8. Posts that have nothing to do with the topic. If the conversation sways off topic, that's one thing. If it's just starting a whole new topic with no connection to the last one, start a new thread, or keep it to yourself.

9.Whining is defined as "an attack upon an idea, concept or problem, without offering a counter-idea, alternative concept, or a solution" or anything along the lines of "It's not fair". Again, members of the forum staff will not hesitate to distribute warnings or bans.

10. Begging is forbidden.

Do not ask for someone else's account information. This includes via the forum, PM, and chat. Accounts created for begging will be banned. Do not ask to become a admin, mod, etc. or special treatment. Asking is the best way to not become one. This includes heavily hinting at it and joking about it. No "trades" of any kind are allowed.

11. Signature Restrictions and Guidelines.

Signature Advertising - Do not post telling people to look at anyone's signature. Signatures that are found to be annoying/distracting, containing links to external websites, or are overly long and/or wide may be removed without warning, & continuing to return to the same signature after it has been removed is a bannable offense. Referral/recruitment/trick links are also prohibited.

12.Account Responsibility.

You are fully responsible for your own account and protection of your password. Statements such as "My mother/teacher/brother/dog was using my account", are not acceptable as an explanation for the violation of any rule. If you share your account with someone and they break the rules, it will be treated the same as if you broke the rules yourself. It is also your responsibility to keep the account up to date, particularly the e-mail. If you use an e-mail that you rarely check, it is no one's fault but your own if you miss important notices from the staff. The same applies to using an invalid e-mail. Once again, your account and password are your responsibility and no one else's.

Also, please keep in mind that the forum staff will never ask for your password.

Reporting a suspected hacker - private message the details to a staff member. Never post it in the forums.

13. Duplicate Accounts are forbidden.

Duplicate accounts are not allowed on these forums. There is no reason for you to have more than one, and the accounts will be banned. Staff members have access to your IP address and will make sure that your IP address will be blocked so you may no longer access the site.

14. Always read and follow staff messages.

'If moderators post rules specific to a board, they must be obeyed. This does by no means signify that the staff team considers itself as “high and mightly” compared to the rest of the community, but they are still members with additions duties. Please note that they give their own time to keep the boards running smoothly, thus failure to comply with their requests is grounds for deletion. It is the job of the staff to keep the forums clean, so don’t think they’re biased or “out to get you”. Users will find their time on the board much more enjoyable when they follow the rules and address the staff politely (this does NOT include something that seems polite but is meant to provoke. If you are confused with a staff member’s decision, or there appears to be a conflict with another rule, bring up your question in a polite and respectable way.)'

Regarding warnings, if a penalty doesn’t seem clear to you, you are free to discuss the issue in a polite and civil way. Any whining, flaming, or complaints among the lines of “It’s not fair!!” without offering any constructive comment or solid point, will simply be ignored.

15. Backseat/Mini-Moderating is forbidden.

This includes demanding that a user delete his/her post and/or getting the thread locked (e.g. "Delete your post!", "This thread should be locked."). Any action where the user attempts to take over for a mod (including any variation of "I'd rate this ___, if I could!") anywhere on a sub-forum without explicit permission may be considered mini-modding.

This is especially true when the user only posts to do so. If someone has posted in a forum where it might be hard to determine what topic belongs there, post with advice addressing the question and suggesting (Note: NOT demanding) that the user post in the appropriately named forum.

Posting in a particularly troublesome thread will likely get you into as much trouble as other users. The best way to take care of rule violations is to PM a mod. Only PM the mods once per violation. It is the responsibility of the mods and the sub-mod groups to enforce the rules. Please make sure to PM the correct person in the sub-mod groups, as they can only moderate in specific boards and are not global moderators. Please do not hinder them by posting in threads that need moderator action. It only serves to revive the thread and create even more of a hassle.

16. Release of other user’s information or communications.

It is unacceptable to post another user’s private/personal/public information, including email address, location of residency, contact information, or other information without express permission from that user.

Private messages from the forum or external chat clients, emails, memos, note scribbled on napkins and all other forms of communication are classified as personal and are not to be publicly posted in any shape or form onto these forums, or PMed to other users of these forums by any member without express permission from all parties involved, or by the mod team when appropriate.

17. Flooding is forbidden.

Flooding is when someone spams up a topic or many topics, in which can be costly in terms of wasting good bandwidth and can be harmful to the reliability of a computer network. Flooding can also be seriously annoying to other members on the forum. A serious case of flooding is when a member posts many new threads in one forum. Another word that indirectly relates to flooding is spam.

Another directation to flooding is when someone has already said the exact same thing such as "Plz Lock This" or "This is Spam". Technically, if this has only said once, there is no need for it to be said again, if so, this is called Spam, or if there is many of them, it is called Flooding. Instead of saying "Plz Lock", report the post to a mod via the REPORT button, and a mod will lock it when they can.

By spamming and/or flooding a certain forum, a ban will be initiated. By how much you flood the forum/thread depends on the time of your ban.

If you accidentally make two threads for a topic, ask a mod to lock it. Flooding is generally annoying, in which, try posting cards in ONE whole thread, especially if you are posting many cards within a certain time frame.

18. The "Other" Rule.

If you are told by a moderator to stop, you cannot claim that it was not stated in the rules. It is impossible and impractical to list every rule possible. Attempting to circumvent a rule will result in a more severe warning. That includes deleting a post then reposting an identical or similar version of it. That will be considered both bumping and multiple posting. Also, the determination of things such as begging, flaming, spam, whining, etc. are dependent on the moderator, not the users. Any complaints involving attempts to find loop holes in the rules and complaining that it was not explicitly stated in the rules will be ignored.

If anyone has any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to drop me a private message.

*Staff members may make changes/edits to the content of this thread.

-Forum Admin


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