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PostSubject: READ ME   1/2/2010, 4:27 am

You are free to open your own topics for individual role plays, however, you must meet the following guidelines:

  • A role play must have a title and be marked with a rating. Ratings help the member judge the content that will be included within the role play and whether or not they wish to join or view it. The ratings are as follows:

    [M] = Mature: This RP includes strong violence, language, or sexual content. It is recommended for a mature audience.

    [T] = Teens: This RP can include violence, obscene language, and some sexual content but is not as extreme as [M] RPs.

    [E] = Everyone: This RP can include violence and some obscene language, but there is no sexual content.

  • A role play must include a summary of what it is about. This is a short synopsis like the description off the back of a book. It does not reveal key plot points or details.

  • A role play must include a character outline. Character outlines are like application forms that help a member design a character to use in their writing. The possibilities are endless but the minimum requirement is as follows:

    Name, Age, Gender, Picture.

  • A role play may or may not include rules. It is up to the member's jurisdiction whether or not to include them. It is recommended that they are used since it will be the member's responsibility to control their own role play.

If your role play includes all of the above, then it will be accepted. However, if you are asked to change any part of your role play, then you have 24 hours to do so before it is deleted.

Role plays that do not have any posts or characters joining will be deleted after 7 days. You will be warned 24 hours prior so that you can save any information. You are able to re-post your role play, however it is not recommended since no one joined it in the first place.
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