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PostSubject: CONTESTS rules   1/2/2010, 4:55 am

Contests can be hosted by the admin, moderators, or any member so long as they fit the requirements. The member who creates the contest is also responsible for all the rules and prizes that are included. Contests created by members must meet the following requirements:

  • A contest must have a title that includes the start and end date of the contest. For example, if the contest started January 1st and ended February 1st, and it was a writing contest, the title would look like this:

    [insert name of contest]: 1/1/10 - 2/1/10

  • A contest must have rules. The moderators are not responsible for cheating. It is the sole responsibility of the member who created the contest.

  • A contest must have some sort of prize. This prize can be off site such as IMVU credits or GAIA gold. It is always the assumption of a member that if they are entering in a contest that they are going to be rewarded more than just a pat on the back.

If your contest submitted has all of the above, then it will be accepted. However, if you are asked to change any part of your contest, you must do so with in 24 hours or it will be deleted.

Contests will never be deleted until their expiration date if no one has entered. If a contest is based on a monthly schedule, then continue changing the date of the termination of the contest.
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