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PostSubject: DISCUSSIONS rules   1/2/2010, 5:25 am

Discussions can be hosted by the admin, moderators, or any member so long as they fit the requirements. The member who creates the discussion is also responsible for all the rules that are included. Discussions created by members must meet the following requirements:

  • A discussion can be about any subject but it must include a purpose in the title. Purposes describe the attitude of the topic. The purposes are listed with exclamation points as the following:

    [!!!] = Help wanted: These discussions are geared towards giving advice on the subject at hand. If it is a personal problem, then the responding members should handle the situation with sensitivity and open mindedness. These topics are best suited for personal relationship problems.

    [!!] = Debate chat: These discussions are debates and can be very heated. The purpose is generally to persuade the other members that your opinion is the right one. These topics are suited for just about anything, however, it is advised to be careful when dealing with subjects of religion and politics.

    [!] = General chat: These discussions are just about stating your opinion and usually include members who are neither strongly for or against the matter, or just want to talk about it. They are simple everyday conversations. These topics are best suited for music, movies, and books.

  • A discussion must include a question to be answered. It does not necessarily have to be in a question format, but the idea itself should be something that will have varied answers from the members. Asking a question such as "is killing acceptable," would not be a good question since there would be no debate on the matter. "is capital punishment acceptable," would be appropriate since many people have strong either/or opinions on this subject.

  • A discussion must include rules. These rules can vary but do not include the basic rules that are applicable in all topics. Moderators are not responsible for the discussions within a member's topic, however, if the topic becomes a problem it will be closed immediately.

If your discussion includes all of the above then it will be accepted. However, if you are asked to change any part of your discussion, you have 24 hours to do so or it will be removed.

Your discussion will not be closed based on activity once another member posts. However, if a topic goes unanswered by anyone for seven days, then it will be deleted. The member will be warned 24 hours before so that they can save any information. The discussion is allowed to be re-posted and it is encourage as sometimes time and events allow people to form different answers and opinions.
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